Credibility, quality, proactivity and sound business practice

To Nellemann, credibility and quality are cornerstones of the business. We value a trusting and honest relation to both customers and business partners who can trust that Nellemann always delivers the best possible solution. For this reason, we always start with our customers’ and business partners’ specific needs and demands and find a fitting solution.

Nellemann is known to be a dynamic company and this is a culture we wish to cherish. To us, proactivity is essential since we want to create new possibilities and be ahead of the development. At the same time we have created an organization so agile that we can quickly navigate in shifting market trends and developments.

Our company is driven by sound business practice and passion, which means that throughout the years we have built strong, local knowledge – about the business itself as well as about the different actors and the customers.

We use our local roots and knowledge as an asset when we help global actors to build brands and create unique customer experiences on the Scandinavian market. We hold deep respect for the brands we work with, and our teams are always dedicated in their pursuit of strengthening each individual brand.


A strong organization in Scandinavia

Nellemann covers all of Scandinavia and we have deep knowledge about each individual market. Our activities include import, sales, leasing and service of automotive as well as import, sales and service of machinery.

  • Automotive Distribution
  • Automotive Sales and Services
  • Nelleman Leasing
  • Nelleman Motorsport
  • Machinery Import
  • Machinery Sales and Service
  • Machinery Import
  • Machinery Sales and Service
  • Machinery Import
  • Machinery Sales and Service