Automotive Sales & Service

Nellemann aims at setting a new standard for customer experiences at car retailers, and we take pride in guiding individually, thoroughly and credibly.

Automotive dealers focusing on customer experience

Nellemann’s ambition is to create a customer experience out of the ordinary. We give the customers the freedom to put together their car deal from a wide range of options and in the process of choosing, we offer them knowledgeable and customized support. For this reason, we give our staff the right training that enables them to offer the best service possible.

We have our own retailers in Odense, Roskilde, Valby, København and Århus. Among others, we deal KIA, Volvo and Aston Martin. We also offer our customers a wide selection of used cars. At the retailers we aim at creating a coherent universe of brands with focus and respect for each individual brand and we focus on even the smallest of details giving the best possible experience to the customer.